Heartland Waterfowl Seasons 3 & 4

Heartland Waterfowl Seasons 3 & 4

Heartland Waterfowl isn't about big piles, calling championships or perfect hunts. It's about a humble group of guys who take pride in sharing a sincere and genuine experience - telling that story creatively through the lens of the camera. Chasing the migration from Canada down to Texas, we experienced some of our best hunts to date, as well as our share of struggles. At the end of each season, we hope our story is relatable to yours.

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Heartland Waterfowl Seasons 3 & 4

25 Videos

  • Heartland Waterfowl Season 4 Trailer

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.1 - "SUMMER TRADITION"

    August in North Dakota is a reunion for HW and good friend John Wardner. Early season geese present their challenges that the guys overcome, while finding some time to fish for walleye.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.2 - "NORTHERN HOSPITALITY"

    Team HW returns to Upstate New York in September to chase early season honkers. The team always enjoys this trip to reunite with some close friends and treat young Austin Sullivan to some good hunting.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.3 - "OCTOBER PLUMAGE" VHX

    Saskatchewan throws the HW gang a huge curve ball this year. After 3 successful days of hunting snow geese, Winter moves in and brings a colorful surprise of a different shade.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.4 - "NOT-SO-NODAK"

    The love/hate relationship with North Dakota takes a turn for the worse, as the HW team endures some of the toughest hunting struggles of their life during a 13 day trip.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.5 - "2 SHOT"

    Ronnie, Logan and Mat head to Torrington, WY to hunt with Aaron Garcia of High Plains Wingshooters and participate in a community tradition, The Goshen County 2-Shot.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.6 - "MILE HIGH"

    Team HW seeks some redemption from last years struggles by returning to the Mile High state to hunt Geese with Avery Pro-Staffers, Vance & Tyler Stolz.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.7 - "LATE MIGRATION"

    Warm temperatures throughout the midwest present mid season struggles for all waterfowl hunters across the region. With a slow migration, Team HW plans a couple different trips to Kansas.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.8 - "BEN'S BIG KANSAS"

    The HW gang ventures to southern Kansas to hunt with Ben Webster of Big Kansas Outdoors. BKO doesn’t disappoint as the guys set up on Mallards, Pintails, Lessers and Specks.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.9 - "TEJAS TRIO"

    HW team member, Joe Palumbo and V Land & Holding owner, Dave Simon host the guys in west Texas in early January. The plan is to chase Sandhill Cranes and Wild Blue Quail but below freezing temperatures offer the guys a bonus pintail shoot over frozen water.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.10 - "THE 816"

    The 816 is home to these Missouri boys. After months on the road chasing the migration, the guys take a break to spend time with their families and hunt their favorite familiar spots.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.11 - "UPSTATE LONGTAILS"

    Some of the HW Gang take a stab at something new in mid January. The guys head back to Upstate New York to hunt Divers and Sea Ducks with Chris Davanzo and Lou Tepas.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.12 - "KANSAS SPLIT"

    Tornado Alley Waterfowl comes through again for the HW team. Brandon and Jose never seem to disappoint as the Kansas split provides the guys a great hunting trip with lots of shooting.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 4.13 - "OLE RELIABLE"

    Team HW finishes up the season with several dynamite hunts at their favorite local spot. This feed field always delivers great hunting as it’s perfectly located close to several small lakes that roost a lot of birds.

  • Heartland Waterfowl Season 3 Trailer

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.1 "Short Stopped"

    The first trip of the season brings Team HW to North Dakota for the early honker season. Late summer heat and thunderstorms, mixed with some walleye fishing and goose hunting, the guys certainly had their work cut out for them.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.2 - "Key Of Success"

    Upstate New York has become a destination for the HW gang. September Goose hunting and King Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario highlights the trip. Meanwhile, the team learns a new “key of success”.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.3 - "Skyes The Limit"

    Team HW takes the 24 hour trek north of the border to Saskatchewan. Snow geese is the focus on this trip which presents a few “cramps” in the pursuit.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.4 - "Royals"

    November 1st, 2015 in North Dakota will forever be a memorable date and location for the guys of Heartland Waterfowl. These Kansas City boys fight the challenging hunting elements with the taste of sweet victory.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.5 - "Traffic"

    Team HW steps outside of their comfort zone on this trip. Avery Pro-Staffer, Vance Stolz and son Tyler introduce the HW Team to running traffic on honkers in the foothills of Colorado, before finishing up in Wyoming.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.6 - "T.A.W."

    The HW gang reunites with old friends Brandon Mendoza and Jose Aranda of Tornado Alley Waterfowl in Kansas. It’s the week before Christmas and the guys are loaded up with Ducks and Geese.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.7 - "Crazy Cranes"

    HW team member, Joe Palumbo and Dave Simon hosts the guys in west Texas at V Land & Holding and introduce the team to hunting Sandhill Cranes and Wild Blue Quail. Texas hospitality at it’s finest!

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.8 - "Roots"

    Logan Burditt takes the guys back to his waterfowl hunting roots in Kansas. Challenges present themselves but this trip would also offer one of the most memorable hunts to date.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.9 - "Killing Tree"

    The Missouri goose season is in full swing and the HW guys have the luxury of sleeping in their own home and chasing these birds on their home turf. However, one particular field called the “Killing Tree”, offers some of the best hunts of the year.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.10 - "Wings In Flight"

    The HW Crew puts the finishing touches on Season 3 by heading to Oklahoma to hunt with Wings In Flight Outdoors. With the Speck season closed, they guys are challenged with high Speck numbers congregated with Lessers.