Heartland Waterfowl - Seasons 1, 2 & 3

Heartland Waterfowl - Seasons 1, 2 & 3

Heartland Waterfowl clearly identifies the foundation of what makes this team unique. “HW” showcases a genuine and authentic waterfowl hunting experience, creatively through the lens of the camera. Each episode highlights the team’s passion for scouting, while working together to strategize the most affective approach to the hunt. However, these guys have no shame in showing their mistakes and struggles, easily relatable to the passionate waterfowl hunter. As a product of the Award-Winning Heartland Bowhunter, HW strives to feature a unique format and high standard of production quality to outdoor television.

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Heartland Waterfowl - Seasons 1, 2 & 3

24 Videos

  • Heartland Waterfowl 1.1 "Maiden Voyage"

    Team HW chase early season honkers when they travel to Western New York to meet up with good friend Chris Davanzo of Fish & Feathers Outfitters. Lake Ontario offers the HW Team a new experience when they set hooks on King Salmon to wrap up the trip.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 1.2 "Oh Canada"

    Team HW heads north of the border on a 24 hour drive to the waterfowl mecca of Saskatchewan, Canada. Completely dependent upon themselves, the guys freelance the entire trip in pursuit of several waterfowl species. The guys attempt to catch the migration as they battle a variety of weather condit...

  • Heartland Waterfowl 1.3 "Redemption"

    The HW Team heads north North Dakota in October to catch the migration. Instead they catch many obstacles that present one of the most challenging trips of the year. However, the guys regroup and persevere with a second trip to North Dakota that they’ll never forget.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 1.4 "South Texas"

    Team HW accepts the invite to hunt ducks with their good friends from Lifetime Decoys in South Texas. Leaving the Midwest in mid-November, the warmer temperatures and Texas hospitality spoil the guys in their pursuit of little brown ducks.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 1.5 "The Big Island"

    The HW Team receives an invite to hunt Mallards in SE Kansas with Roy Carter. The guys arrive during a strong cold front and a new flight of birds. So the guys head to the flooded timber, break ice and make it rain with a green noggin’ grind-up!

  • Heartland Waterfowl 1.6 "Tornado Alley"

    Team HW heads to Emporia, KS to hunt with good friends Brandon Mendoza and Jose Aranda of Tornado Alley Waterfowl. The guys arrive at the perfect time and stack up a pile of green heads and honkers.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 1.7 "Home"

    The HW Team heads back to where it all started for them as waterfowlers by chasing the Mallards are Canada Geese in their own backyard. This is where they fired their first shotgun, blew their first duck call and killed their first waterfowl. Join Team HW as they go back to their roots.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 2.1 "Hit or Miss"

    Team HW travels to North Dakota in August for early season honkers.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 2.2 "Fish & Feathers"

    New York delivers again with early season honkers, King Salmon fishing and a priceless experience for one young waterfowl hunter.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 2.3 "Maple Leaf"

    Team HW heads north of the border to Saskatchewan to set up on huge feeds of snow geese.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 2.4 "Humbled"

    With fluctuating temperatures, the HW crew has to overcome challenges with patience and hard scouting in North Dakota.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 2.5 "The Peas Knees"

    Team HW spends 2 weeks in North Dakota with conditions not conducive for hunting ducks. Fluctuating temperatures, cloudy days and south winds presented it's challenges that first week. Then the guys gain some traction after scouting a pea field.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 2.6 "Thanksgiving"

    Lifetime Decoys travel from Texas to Kansas to meet up with Team HW, along with Brandon and Jose from Tornado Alley Waterfowl over Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 2.7 "Tallahatchie"

    Team HW heads to Mississippi for some ducks and southern hospitality, before coming home to finish out the season with honkers in Missouri.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.1 "Short Stopped"

    The first trip of the season brings Team HW to North Dakota for the early honker season. Late summer heat and thunderstorms, mixed with some walleye fishing and goose hunting, the guys certainly had their work cut out for them.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.2 - "Key Of Success"

    Upstate New York has become a destination for the HW gang. September Goose hunting and King Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario highlights the trip. Meanwhile, the team learns a new “key of success”.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.3 - "Skyes The Limit"

    Team HW takes the 24 hour trek north of the border to Saskatchewan. Snow geese is the focus on this trip which presents a few “cramps” in the pursuit.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.4 - "Royals"

    November 1st, 2015 in North Dakota will forever be a memorable date and location for the guys of Heartland Waterfowl. These Kansas City boys fight the challenging hunting elements with the taste of sweet victory.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.5 - "Traffic"

    Team HW steps outside of their comfort zone on this trip. Avery Pro-Staffer, Vance Stolz and son Tyler introduce the HW Team to running traffic on honkers in the foothills of Colorado, before finishing up in Wyoming.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.6 - "T.A.W."

    The HW gang reunites with old friends Brandon Mendoza and Jose Aranda of Tornado Alley Waterfowl in Kansas. It’s the week before Christmas and the guys are loaded up with Ducks and Geese.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.7 - "Crazy Cranes"

    HW team member, Joe Palumbo and Dave Simon hosts the guys in west Texas at V Land & Holding and introduce the team to hunting Sandhill Cranes and Wild Blue Quail. Texas hospitality at it’s finest!

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.8 - "Roots"

    Logan Burditt takes the guys back to his waterfowl hunting roots in Kansas. Challenges present themselves but this trip would also offer one of the most memorable hunts to date.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.9 - "Killing Tree"

    The Missouri goose season is in full swing and the HW guys have the luxury of sleeping in their own home and chasing these birds on their home turf. However, one particular field called the “Killing Tree”, offers some of the best hunts of the year.

  • Heartland Waterfowl 3.10 - "Wings In Flight"

    The HW Crew puts the finishing touches on Season 3 by heading to Oklahoma to hunt with Wings In Flight Outdoors. With the Speck season closed, they guys are challenged with high Speck numbers congregated with Lessers.